GRiZ- The Getdown

GRiZ- The Getdown

US Cellular Center: Asheville, NC

Support from: Brasstracks and Ekali

So I’ve known Grant (GRiZ) since high school. Since then the guy is doing huge things, making a major impact on the EDM scene that is super easy listening and just full of funky/ “feel good” vibes. All of his music has a pretty distinctive style mixed with a massive amount of positivity. If you haven’t listened to his music yet, you’re missing out. Do your ears a favor and give his records a listen. Check it out HERE. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to ring in the new year. It felt like a big family reunion with so many friends from high school being there. Really makes me miss living in Detroit.



 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-17 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-6 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-3 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-12 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-24 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-21 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-34 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-31


CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-43 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-49 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-46 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-50CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-42 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-37


CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-61 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-68 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-81 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-69 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-90 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-101 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-104 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-120 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-116 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-123 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-128 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-117 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-136 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-138 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-139 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-150 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-155 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-115 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-161 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-172 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-169 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-165 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-178 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-142 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-198 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-193 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-190 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-188 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-148 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-203 CFP_GRiZ_ TheGetdown-191

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  • Cort

    on January 2, 2018  7:49 pm

    Great shots Cam!